about us

our vision

We only want to make games we can be proud of, starting with Cheery Party! Like it has already been stated in the features section, we are against DLC or any additional payment a player would have to make in order to enjoy everything a game has to offer. Video games should be sold complete and additional content should be a way to thank its community. Until the early 2000s there was no DLC or season pass shenanigans and we were just as happy (if not more). Games sold pieces by pieces are not what we want for the future of this industry.

the team!

Setsu Mahieu

Indie game development very often means having to wear many hats, Setsu is the person with the most hats. Textures, models, environment... Most of the thing you will be able to see in Cheery Party are made by her.

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Maxime Mahieu

After being graduated from university in Art, Maxime went abroad to study technical art in a video game school. During all those years his dream project stayed the same : A multiplayer video party game; on which both his wife and he started to work in February 2020.

Hello world.

Scottie Doria

Scottie is the magician who transforms Setsu’s character designs in beautiful 3D characters! After obtaining his Industrial Design Degree he later discovered his passion for 3D. He is currently exploring the possibilities of 3D by experimenting on character design and rigging.

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Dario Bonomo

After getting his hard-earned degrees in Design and a Master in Animation for Cinema and Videogames, right after coming back from his work experience in Canada, he decided to collaborate with all his heart on Cheery Party.

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